Thursday, February 08, 2007

Trial by Bunkum

Ever since we started grossly subsidizing post-secondary education and indulging of the bootless caprices of youth, university graduates in the social sciences and humanities have been churned out in preposterous numbers without any particularly desired or useful skills or talents. Otherwise cast adrift in an economy that places greater value on usefulness and productivity, a massive industry in NGOs, academia and professional advocacy groups has been generated to meet the demand for their employment, and subsidized in force by politicians who rightfully see them as their perfect constituents, demanding political action in accordance with the principles that enrich their livelihoods. The only practical aspect of their education has been the art of grant proposals, and the utter vacancy of their endeavours compels them to believe in the good works of the requisite form rationales. The media are honorary members of their fraternity, famously friendly with them as the source of quotes and context for the sensationally baneful and harping missionary news of the day. Politicians defer to the excesses of their loudest subsidized constituencies not because they believe for an instant their imprecations or care about their fastidious causes but because each one of them offers to them the chance to compete for distribution of their advertising, advocacy and research slush funds.