Sunday, December 17, 2006

Flathead Park

Harvey Locke and his ilk continue to visit the East Kootenay secretly and use their intimidation and money to persuade decision makers, corporate and government, that a park in the Flathead is necessary to preserve the high quality wildlife habitat in the Flathead. Locke was in Cranbrook the week of December 15th. Word on the street is that Tembec has had almost enough of Mr. Locke and that Mr. Locke will soon be asked to stop talking about the failed deal of a few years ago where Tembec was promised $15 million US if they would support a Flathead park.

The biggest threat to the Flathead is from those who believe there should be no hunting, no fishing, no camping, no motorized recreation - and no locals! The hunters of the Elk Valley should be very wary of outsiders who bear "gifts" and ideas for more secret deals to "save" the Flathead. If these people get their way, hunting in the Flathead will disappear.